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the boots from that post are the steve madden bickett boot, item #283613 on dsw website. sold out but u can prob track down on ebay

ohgosh, bless you anon, bless you.

I could give you a cookie if I had one but I don’t so I’ll just settle for saying thank you jndsgd;fd

So, I got a new neighbor recently. I’m not sure which apartment she’s in, but I’m almost certain it’s one of the ones right her in this little section.

But the point is, she moved in today and brought two cats with her, and I got a glimpse of one of them in it’s carrier as I was going to do my laundry and wow, I got hit with such a sad feeling of ‘I miss my cats’.

For that female post, I’ll also do males as well if you wanna send me a message.

I don’t even care ksjdfg


look at these boots and tell me you dont immediately want to go adventuring in them holy shit i love these shoes so much


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Send me a Number and I'll write out my top 5 fictional women...

1 - Protagonists

2 - Villains

3 - Superheroes

4 - Magical Girls

5 - Queens/Empresses/Royalty

6 - Who are adorable dorks

7 - That I'd invite to a sleepover/dinner party

8 - That I'd want to go on an adventure with

9 - That I'd want to be friends with

10 - That I'd want to kiss

11 - That I will love till the end of time

12 - Who I think deserved better endings

13 - I wish had better development/writing

14 - I wish had better a love interest(s)

15 - I want to rescue from their horrible narratives