Shout out to muscular men that are still kinda chubby

Y’all are slept on so much but idk why

That lumberjack build does things to me

I like knowing I can cuddle with you but you can still fuck someone up

So fucking attracted to Nick in that white button up/tie combo that is so tight on his arms and is rolled up to his elbows, showing off his forearms, like WOW.

Apparently, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is gonna be on TVD as Alaric’s love interest and ijust.

Also remembered that Alaric is coming back to me. …I mean…coming back to the Vampire Diaries.

…..no, I mean me.

I’m in my Originals tag and I just keep thinking to myself ‘When will people on this fucking show learn that Elijah will always choose Klaus??’

Even after everything, even after saying multiple times that he was done, even after all the lies, deceit, being stabbed with the stake and locked up multiple times, the manipulation, all of it, ELIJAH WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE KLAUS.