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I like how when they said they didn't like tacos or enchiladas you didn't mad or like,"HOW CAN YOU NOT?!" but instead found a compromise, it's beautiful.


some people like tacos

some people like enchiladas

it happens

we’re still people

father-christophers-combover said: THANK YOU!! and it is pretty much the last day, because friday all i do is my devised project again and watch errrbody else do theirs so that’ll be easy. so yeah, last bit of actual work will be done tomorrow :3

well then…YAY!

Tomorrow’s my last official day, and once this paper is in tomorrow night, all I have to worry about is my finals, but I have all weekend for that.

thank fuck

father-christophers-combover said: yeah, sort of same? i mean i have my world theatre history final so boo. and then a “quiz” in costuming and i have to finish my tie. then i turn in my portfolio in poetry and that’s it.


And yea, at least it’s the last day. ..wait…no, you have class on Friday, duh. Sometimes I forget.

father-christophers-combover said: awww, well that’s okay! lol it’s class so i understand if you have to go!

jksdfggkjsdf Yea, I think tomorrow should be jut an easy day in all my classes anyways, so I might get out early, I might not, I don’t know jkndsfg

But I know my other three classes are just review days, so I guess we’ll see.

this is stupid but

fuck, I’m growing to hate our air conditioner.

It blows too cold so that I’m sitting here always just a little too cold for comfort, and then when it cuts off (it’s on a set thing so once it hits a certain temperature, it shuts off), it gets really fucking warm. So I almost feel like I’m having hot flashes, then cold flashes, then hot, back and forth, back and forth, it’s making me feel unwell almost.

father-christophers-combover said: YAYYYYYYYY! I’M PROUD!! YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!!


And hopefully by the time I see you tomorrow, I’ll have over half of it done.

OH..I might not be able to hang out at all during that time where you’re waiting for your poetry class and I’m skipping religion. Yea..I gotta go tomorrow, and I imagine she’ll keep us for most of the class period kjdfsg

So basically, I’m roughly at 4 and a half pages now.

One page is the cover page though, but shh I’m counting that.

And one whole page is mostly images, but I’m counting that too because I’m gonna go in later and add more description for them.

But it’s something.

So I’m gonna try my hardest to stay off for the rest of the night and I’m gonna go write as much as possibly for the next 45 minutes.

Then I’m going to bed.

father-christophers-combover said: YAY! YOU TOTALLY CAN! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!! YOU’LL DO AMAZING :D


I just gotta keep repeating to myself that I can do this no matter how much I’m struggling to write right now.